It is about time I got around to writing the first real blog post here on (best domain award goes to me :D )

So basicly I want to own 2017 so far the past month has been great. Been lazy but still great month especilly for music. But lets get to what your here for, I want to get my home network or dare I say homelab in order; make it something I can be proud of.

Who am I?


so you are probably wondering who I am. My name is Adam Blunt currently 17y/o and Living in a tiny victorian cottage in rainy England where the internet dont get any faster than 5mb down on DSL or 24mb down if you use a expensive WISP but we do plan to do that soon as even my grandad has better internet and he lives next to a literal forest.

Have a huge interest in all things technology but mainly Enterprise networking stuff and as such also Homelabs and also a little bit of cinematography so might do some YouTube stuff in future...

Where to go from here

as of writing this I have got zero other posts on here so as nice as my site looks the is almost no point staying here at the moment so why not checkout some of these places

You reached the end, well done :D