I have recently been upgrading my home CCTV from analogue to IP using Hikvision cameras. I have found them to be excellent quality for the price and has made an otherwise expensive upgrade fairly cheap over time. but I am always looking for a bargain and found a DS-2DE4220IW-D PTZ dome for a mere £65 on ebay and had to have it even if I could not get it working as these things are nearly £300 new.

Well the camera arrived and it powered up and worked just fine. the issue it had was a corroded RJ45 connector from a poor installation by the previous person. well I installed it anyway as the camera functionally worked and it was on the house just fine for nearly a month before issues started. the issue was as the temperature outside dropped the camera would vanish from the network. clearly the corroded connector did not agree with the cold temps.

So I took the camera down which only took about 20 minutes as I had a roofed conservatory to stand on gingerly.

Can just about reach that

So what did I do once I got the camera down. simple I cut off the problematic connector to find just 2 pairs inside. a green pair and an orange pair. this is actually standard colour coding for once and the 2 pairs are easy to crimp into an RJ45. simply use the orange pair first then the green pair (making sure to skip to 2 pins between the greens) like so.

Now that the new connector was on I tested it and low and behold it worked first time. I was quite impressed to be honest I was prepared to rest the camera down and give it a funeral. but now I need to waterproof this connector. and need to couple it to another RJ45 connector already installed.

A quick search on ebay found just the adapter I needed and it was fairly cheap too. the only question is will it fit in the PTZ bracket and the answer is barely. you have to remove the grommet from one side but it does slide down the entrance hole for the cables and then you can reattach the grommet once its inside the bracket through the handy door Hikvision provided which is what you see me playing with in the image at the top.


This coupler is working currently but time will tell if this fix is a lasting repair but I am glad to have my PTZ camera back its a really nice camera with a very decent image quality too. I think their very cheap for the price too. but we will see how long this will last I guess.


You reached the end, well done :D