So 2017 marks the start of my proper homelab project, and so I thought it was about time I go through my current setup so that at the end of the year I can lookback and see either how much I have improved or how lazy I really am.


For switches I got a whole mix, and I hope to consolodate many of these into several larger ones
Temp Core Switch: HP 2520-8G-POE
Temp LAN switch: Netgear JGS524
CCTV Switch: Netgear FS108P
CCTV Switch02: HP 1700-8
ServerShelf Switch: HP 1800-8G

as for WIFI I got a single Cisco 1131 AP running in autoonomus mode which I will be changing for a 802.11n solution probably a Cisco 1141

I also have my current firewall a custom built mini-itx core 2 duo PC running Sophos XG with a home licene, I do want to move this over to a 1u rack case and maybe upgrade to a fanless solution as its not the most silent PC in the universe thanks to noisy CPU fan.

As of writing we still have a single ADSL connection and are litrelly aranging a local WISP to come and install our new faster connection and with the ADSL kept running for static IP's and stuff we will have a cool WAN failover system in place :)

Server Specs

HP Microserver N36l
AMD N36l
500GB Seagate drive (gonna get a raid controller and new disks soon)
Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

HP ML110 G6
Intel x3430 2.4GHz
8GB DDR3 (upgrading to 16gb hopefully soon)
500GB Seagate + 2TB Samsung (again gonna get a raid card and new drives)
XenServer 7.0

Video Tour

So I thought I would kick off the bluntlab youtube channel with a tour of my network, not as detailed as this post but prob eassier to grasp as I am a terrible writer

You reached the end, well done :D